Knowledge Base + Learning Management

The information your team needs, where they know how to find it.

From training guides and company policies, to the details store-level teams need to succeed like WiFi passwords and lockbox codes, our in-app knowledge base keeps information easy and accessible.


Keep company information within

Effortlessly organize essential resources such as documents, videos, handbooks, and how-to guides, accessible directly on your team's mobile phones.

Say goodbye to endless email searches, misplaced files and team members not knowing where to find things - everything is just a tap away and searchable too!

The right information to the right people

Tailor resources to specific role types, teams or locations, making it simple for team members to receive only what is most relevant to them. Streamline information delivery to minimize noise and maximize productivity.

Confirmed Read!

Easily hold team members accountable
to brand standards.

Require e-signatures on the resource articles you deem most important. Track who's reviewed your content and see when and how long individuals spent learning. Send reminders to any stragglers with just one click.

Being able to house everything in one collective location has made for better team communication and overall organization. Prospr's made managing multiple locations much easier.”

Rachael Gallo,

Director of Operations

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Rachael Gallo,

Director of Operations

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