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Tracking & Compliance

Time & Break Tracking

Users are reminded to clock-in and the time cards pop up automatically at shift start in accordance with customizable clock-in windows. Auto clock-outs ensure accurate time tracking and compliance with labor laws. Breaks can be logged and users are informed how long they have been on break.

Break Confirmation & Compliance

Rules for how many breaks are required, and how long they should be, are enforced. Employees can be required confirm that they have taken their breaks on clock-out, ensuring compliance with labor laws. Required breaks can be automatically deducted from hours worked.

Geo-fenced Clock-In/Out

Locations are tracked when users clock in, ensuring that they are on-site when they start and end their shifts. Clock-in positions are depicted on a map on their time card, and warnings shown when the user is outside a reasonable distance from the work location.

Clock-in Time Window

Users are prevented from clocking in too early with customizable clock-in time windows.

Optional Auto Clock-Out

When users forget to clock out, Prospr can automatically clock them out after a customizable period past the end of their shift.

Day-of Support

Travel Time

We show your team how long it will take to get to their work location, and suggest when to leave based on current traffic conditions and means of transportation.


We provide the current weather conditions at the work location, so your team can dress appropriately and plan for any weather-related delays.

Shift Notes

Managers and team members can leave notes for each other about their shift, recording important information and instructions.

Shift Tasks

Specific tasks can be created for each shift, ensuring that employees know what is expected of them and what tasks need to be completed.

Clock-In/Out Checklists

Checklists remind users to complete tasks when they clock in or out, ensuring that nothing is forgotten.

Optional Ad-hoc Shifts

Even users who aren't scheduled can clock in for ad-hoc shifts, ensuring that all hours worked are accounted for.

Efficiency & Reporting

Schedule Change Log

All changes to the schedule are logged and shown on the manager dashboard, ensuring that you have a complete record of all modifications and can keep other systems in sync.

Payroll-ready Reporting

Comprehensive reports are generated for payroll, ensuring that hours worked are accurately recorded and compensated.

Filtering, grouping, sorting and calculations

Reports can be filtered, grouped, and sorted by various criteria including individual teams, locations and users, and summary calculations can be performed on the data.

Customizable Exports

Determine the data you want to see in your reports, save as templates, rename variables and export it in the format you need, ensuring that you have the information you need for analysis and compliance.

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