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Issue Reporting

Point & Shoot Issue Reporting

Reporting an issue is as easy as taking a photo. This feature allows users to quickly capture and report issues, ensuring that problems are addressed promptly and accurately. Users can add a description and location to provide additional context.

Files & Attachments

Enhances issue reporting by allowing users to multiple files, including photos, documents and videos providing additional context and information, facilitating efficient issue resolution.


Enables users to add notes to issue reports, providing detailed descriptions and instructions for issue resolution. Keep the conversation going until the issue is resolved.

Joint Mission Integration

Seamlessly integrates with Joint Missions, allowing issues to be converted into tasks for resolution, ensuring that problems are addressed within the context of broader missions.


Ticket Assignment

Assign tickets to specific team members, ensuring that issues are directed to the right people for resolution.

Track Ticket Status

Monitor the status of tickets from submission to resolution, ensuring that issues are addressed in a timely manner.

Set Priorities

Prioritize tickets based on urgency and impact, ensuring that critical issues are resolved first.

Due Dates

Assign due dates to tickets, ensuring that issues are resolved within a specified timeframe.

Engagement & Alerts

Organized Inbox

Keep all stakeholders informed and engaged with a neatly organized inbox, ensuring that tickets are managed efficiently and effectively. The newest tickets are also on your dashboard.

Overdue Alerts

Receive timely alerts for overdue tickets, ensuring that issues are addressed promptly and that no task falls through the cracks.

Ticket Followers

Allow users who aren't assigned to tickets to follow specific issues, ensuring that they are kept informed of updates and progress.


Custom Ticket Types

Create custom ticket types with distinctive icons to categorize issues based on your organization's needs, ensuring that tickets are sorted and managed effectively.

Location Specific

Assign tickets to specific locations, ensuring that issues are directed to the appropriate teams for resolution.

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