Operations Management
+ Issue Tracking

See something, say something - made simple

Reporting issues is as easy as snapping a photo with your phone. Empower your team to identify and respond to roadblocks or opportunities with ease.

Tailored to your needs

Tickets don't just mean maintenance and facilities. Custom ticket types mean you can bring ticketing into your business - your way.

Have constant supply needs? Inventory requests? IT or HR issues? Ticketing makes communication that requires action easy to keep track of and get done.

Lots of moving parts - nothing falling through the cracks.

Easily designate who should be accountable for each ticket, ensuring that issues are addressed promptly and efficiently. No more confusion about who’s responsible for what – it’s all right there in the app.

Ticketing is a win-win.

We've made it transparent and straightforward for your team to report issues and submit requests. This means management can quickly spring into action, ensuring everyone feels connected and valued for their contributions. It's all about working together to achieve operational excellence.

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Managers can take on more stores with Tickets.

Give managers the information they need to address field issues as they arise. Team members can supplement tickets with videos, photos, and ongoing conversations for updates and clarification. Regional and area managers can oversee operations without the need to stay local, remaining effective while on the move.

Ticketing Features in Depth

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