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Schedule Planning

Multi-location Schedules

Manage schedules across multiple locations with ease and avoid assignment conflicts for employees working across different sites.

Templating & Cloning

Build schedules by starting with your labor demands and save recurring patterns as templates. Clone schedules week-over-week, month-to-month, or over custom periods, while avoiding scheduling conflicts.

Auto-Assignment & Shift Optimization

Automatically assign shifts based on employee availability, skills, preferences, overtime limitations, and past assignment to similar shifts while ensuring an equitable distribution of work.

Bulk Upload

Building a very large schedule, or need input from many stakeholders? Download an Excel template to work offline and upload your schedules in bulk. Errors are flagged and corrected before finalizing the schedule.

Hourly Targets

Set hourly targets for individual employees and ensure that employees are scheduled for the right number of hours.

Availability Preferences

Allow employees to set their availability preferences, ensuring that schedules are aligned with employee preferences and constraints.

Shift Pool

Create a pool of available shifts that employees can add to their own schedules, ensuring that shifts are covered and that employees can pick up additional hours if desired.

Time Machine

Oh no! You didn't mean to delete that schedule? No problem! Use the Time Machine to restore schedules to a previous state, ensuring that you can recover from any mistakes.


Shift Notifications

Timely notifications about new, changed, and available shifts ensure that employees are informed and can plan their schedules accordingly.

Schedule Acknowledgment

Ensure that employees have seen their schedules by requiring them to acknowledge their shifts. This feature helps reduce no-shows and ensures that employees are aware of their upcoming shifts.

Configurable Pre-Shift Reminders

Send reminders to employees before their shifts start and request pre-shift confirmations to ensure that employees are ready to work. Configurable based on past tardiness, for new employees, or just shifts that fall outside of regular schedules.

Alerts for Non-Confirmed & At-risk Shifts

See which shifts are at risk of being unstaffed, swaps that have not been approved, or schedules that not been confirmed by employees. Receive alerts and take action to ensure that all shifts are covered and that schedules are accurate.

Calendar Synchronization

Sync schedules with employees' private calendars from Google to iCal, ensuring that they have visibility into their schedules and that they receive reminders about upcoming shifts.


Allow employees to set their availability preferences, ensuring that schedules are aligned with employee preferences and constraints.

Shift Swaps

Empower employees to swap shifts with their qualified peers, ensuring that schedules remain flexible and that shifts are covered. Managers can approve or deny shift swaps based on availability and skills.

Monitoring & Forecasting

Master View

View all active and upcoming shifts for any given day across locations or filtered to specific teams, ensuring everyone is in place and all shifts are covered. See when employees have missed confirmations, and who has started working.


Track employee hours in real-time and receive alerts when employees are approaching overtime thresholds allowing you to manage labor costs and compliance effectively.

Payroll Forecasting

Forecast labor costs based on scheduled shifts, employee rates, and overtime rules. Stick to your budget and ensure that you have the right resources at the right time.

Schedule Activity Log

Track all changes made to schedules, ensuring that you have a record of all edits. If you need to sync schedules with payroll or investigate a discrepancy, you can easily see who made changes and when.

Time Off

Custom Policies

Create custom time off policies based on your organization's needs. Define paid time off, sick leave, and other time off types, and set minimum required notice periods and if approval is required.


Track time off balances, accruals, and usage, ensuring that employees have visibility into their time off and that managers can monitor and approve time off requests.

Request & Approval

Allow employees to request time off directly from the platform. Managers can approve or deny requests, ensuring that schedules are aligned with employee preferences.

Schedule Planning

View time off requests alongside scheduled shifts, ensuring that schedules are accurate and that time off requests are accommodated.


Define compensation rules for time off, ensuring that employees are paid accurately for time off taken. Paid time off is accounted for in payroll reports and calculations.

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