All Joint Missions Features

Joint Missions / Features in Depth


Tasks & Sub-tasks

Enables detailed breakdowns of missions into manageable tasks and sub-tasks, allowing for a granular approach to project management and execution.

Targeted Assignments

Facilitates task assignment based on location, team, or individual, ensuring that responsibilities are distributed effectively and aligned with roles and capabilities.

Task Prioritization

Offers the ability to prioritize tasks, ensuring that critical milestones are addressed first, optimizing team focus and resources towards mission-critical objectives.

Customized Scheduling

Allows for the customization of task recurrence patterns, for example, daily, monthly, or specific dates, supporting the automation of repetitive tasks and ensuring consistency in mission execution.

Flexible Deadlines

Whether a specific number of minutes from the start of the first task, to end-of-day, or a specific date and time, deadlines ensure that tasks are completed on time, maintaining mission progress and momentum.


Multi-User Task Lists

Multiple users participating on a shared set of goals facilitates real-time collaboration among team members, ensuring that everyone is on the same page and can contribute to mission success.

Attachments & Notes

Allows for the attachment of files, images, and notes to tasks, providing additional context and resources for team members to reference during mission execution.

Shift-Only Access

Optionally limit to mission access to tasks based on shifts, ensuring that team members have visibility and engagement with relevant tasks during their scheduled work hours.

Turn Blockers into Tickets

Convert tasks that are blocked from completion during mission execution into tickets, ensuring that issues are addressed promptly and efficiently, preventing bottlenecks and delays.

Monitoring & Reporting

Mission Notifications

Provides notifications for new missions and those at risk of missing deadlines, ensuring that team members are aware of upcoming tasks and potential issues.

Active Mission Dashboard

Provides a real-time overview of all ongoing missions, allowing for at-a-glance monitoring of progress and activity.

Summaries & Reports

Delivers comprehensive summaries and reports after mission completion, offering insights into performance and areas for improvement.

Complete Mission Log

Maintains a detailed record of all mission activities, ensuring a transparent and accessible history for review and analysis.

Searchable History

Enables the search and retrieval of historical mission information, ensuring that past data and insights are readily available for reference and analysis.

Planning & Organization

Mission Cloning

Simplifies the setup of new missions by allowing for the cloning of successful mission templates, ensuring efficiency in repetitive or similar tasks.

Plan Folders

Organizes mission plans into folders based on themes, projects, or teams, facilitating easy access and management of related tasks.

Intuitive Planning

Guides mission setup with intuitive requirements and prompts, allowing missions ranging from the simplest to-do list, to a multi-user, multi-step mission with multiple dependencies.

Privacy & Permissions

Enables the customization of privacy settings and permissions, based on role-type, while also allowing you to promote regular team missions to captains on specific missions, giving them management-level access.

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