Retail at Love Weld

Retail at Love Weld

Love Weld saves three FTE management hires during rapid growth by implementing Prospr instead.


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The foresight to
prepare for growth

Love Weld embarked on a mission to grow – and grow fast! Prospr stepped in to assist Love Weld in streamlining operations, empowering team members, and more than doubling in size while preserving culture and brand integrity. Prospr plays a pivotal role in their ongoing expansion, helping each new unit come on board faster, and more successfully than the last.

  • Utilizing Prospr's Knowledge Base, Love Weld established their SOPS and onboarding process to ensure consistent customer experiences nationwide.
  • Joint Missions maintain consistency across all stores. Recurring checklists for staff of every level can be validated and managed—even from miles away—ensuring everyone moves seamlessly in the same direction.
  • Scheduling on Prospr offers team members schedule flexibility, a career incentive for modern workforces, while saving managers days of time to focus on higher-level tasks, such as growing their business.

Prospr at work, for Love Weld

What they're using

What we've replaced

Slack, Google Sheets, Google Docs, Analog Systems, Pen & Paper, Laminated Checklists

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We put checklists in place for team members to stay onboarded and current. We have saved ourselves three FTEs that we would have needed to hire to come in and manage the administrative side of [the] business.

Arturo Coto

Love Weld CRO

Prospr has given us access to company-wide project management through its feature Joint Missions, which has allowed us to streamline our recent inventory overhaul project across the country. Having this built-in feature in a space that the teams are already familiar with has created an easeful, accessible and visible project management process for everyone.

Sam Turley

Love Weld Regional Manager

Prospr brings meaningful change

  • Love Weld built Prospr into the playbook to launch each new location, not just to uphold brand integrity but to foster an engaged and transparent company culture.
  • Prospr facilitates process creation and adherence accountability that would have required three full-time management positions, saving Love Weld nearly $250,000 annually.
  • Communication is enhanced on a micro and macro level with one-on-one chats, group chats and Bulletins for daily communication.

Must-haves for Retail

  • Tickets that enable anyone on the team to observe and instantly report facility maintenance needs
  • Coordination for team member Availability and Time-off
  • Simple and effective Time & Attendance, with geo-fenced clock in/out
  • Bulletins for sharing information, celebrating individual & team achievements, or even Polling the team for feedback and preferences

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