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Fast Causal & Quick Service Restaurants

Blu Jam Cafe masters branding precision and scales training as an award-winning Los Angeles breakfast staple.


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The challenge to unburden HR

Before implementing Prospr, communication and tools were fragmented. Training and document storage fell solely on HR, creating a significant bottleneck for a 7-restaurant chain with plans to franchise nationally.

Prospr has become the 'command center,' ensuring all locations and employees operate with excellence and adhere to California compliance. Blue Jam Cafe leverages Bulletin, Chat, and Resource read receipts to foster a culture of accountability. The introduction of Ticketing has been a "total home run," saving the maintenance teams 20 hours per week.

Employees feel engaged and informed, fostering a more positive company-wide morale. Additionally, the protections provided by Prospr's compliance features offer an immeasurable ROI. By adopting a centralized foundational tool, Blu Jam can scale efficiently, keeping the brunch vibes flowing smoothly.

Prospr at work for Blu Jam

What they're using

What we've replaced

Schedule Fly, a separate ticketing system, manual documentation management, & Heartland Hire

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Prospr affords me total control of the company branding and training standards right from my desktop. It makes training rollout on all franchisee and owned locations super simple, saving us a tremendous amount of training dollars."

Jay Perrin

Director of Operations

The staff feel involved and educated, with a more positive morale company-wide as a result."

Jay Perrin

Director of Operations

Prospr brings meaningful change

  • Consolidating and streamlining the maintenance workflow, Ticketing saves Blue Jam Cafe' maintenance teams an average of 20 hours per week.
  • Standardized documentation and training via Resource Libraries simplifies the roll out of new information for all franchisee and owned locations, resulting in significant savings on training costs.
  • The ease of Scheduling empowers the management team to assess resource allocation on a brand-wide scale, ensuring each location is staffed according to its most immediate needs.

Must-haves for Quick Service Restaurants

  • Tickets that enable anyone on the team to observe and instantly report facility maintenance needs, incidents or broken equipment
  • Simple and effective Time & Attendance, with geo-fenced clock in/out
  • Bulletins to share information, celebrate individual and team achievements, or even poll the team for feedback and preferences
  • In-App Resources for on-demand job guidance and how-tos when your team needs them most
  • Employee-driven notification controls & clean breaks with past employees protect employer compliance

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