Hospitality with Sodexo Live!

Hospitality with Sodexo Live!

Prospr helps Sodexo Live! schedule thousands of shifts instantly, and communicate across teams in Union and Non-Union properties alike.


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The challenge to modernize schedules.

With a reliance on pen, paper, and the time-sucking process of sending individual texts and emails for scheduling, Sodexo Live! sought a modern solution. Beyond scheduling, team-wide communication needed to scale past cascading from one over-burdened person to another. Prospr helps them reach team members reliably and simultaneously.

With Prospr, scheduling is now intuitive and flexible, empowering managers to build schedules tailored to their specific requirements. Notifications for published schedules and available shifts in a centralized pool enable team members to easily sign up for shifts that align with their qualifications and needs—saving hours of back-and-forth trying to lock in schedules.

Prospr at work, for Harps

What they're using

What we've replaced

ShiftBoard, In-Person, Texts & Emails, Paper Handbooks & Resources

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We were able to turn paper schedules with text messaging and email communication into an app that did it for us. Instead of one person doing the entire schedule for a multi-level catering company, we were able to divide the function between the managers."

Wendy Breese

Human Resources

Bulletins are an excellent tool to communicate with the staff. And shift confirmation reminders are great because they send automated messages 2 hours prior shifts and if no confirmation is received, a second reminder goes out. Our team shows up more regularly - on time!”

Melvis Perez

HR Manager

We've saved days and days scheduling"

Michelle Vazques

Head of HQ, Miami Beach Convention Center

Prospr brings meaningful change

  • With Scheduling, managers now create their own schedules that allocate resources efficiently and respond quickly to changing demands.
  • Team members stay informed with notifications for open, eligible shifts and non-invasive reminders for approaching shifts that require confirmation.
  • Geo-fenced Time & Attendance provides robust tracking capabilities, allowing Sodexo Live! to generate detailed reports on employee working hours, breaks, and overtime.
  • Bulletins offer a centralized place to disseminate important information, updates, and announcements to the entire workforce.

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