Prospr for Grocery

Prospr for Grocery

Harps Food Stores expects to save $2M+ annually since adopting Prospr across its nearly 200 locations.


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Transforming a loss leader into a performance powerhouse.

For close to 20 years, a Harps Grocery Store in Arkansas had struggled with declines, damages, and expired products, performing significantly behind budget. Prospr’s tools have helped this store:

  • Exceed budget expectations, now operating $40,000+ ahead of budget.
  • Stand proudly in the top 10% of stores nationwide.
  • Decrease instances of declines, damages, and expired products, which have plummeted to an all-time low, saving significant dollars.

Prospr at work, for Harps

What they're using

What we've replaced

CrewApp, a tool Harps had used for more than 5 years

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One of the most impactful (and unexpected) features we utilize most is Tickets. It’s proved to be very valuable for reporting issues in our store, from the team to managers, and we have realized significant monetary savings in preventing total loss on dated goods in-store."

Frank Ray

Senior VP and CHRO

Prospr stands out as superior to other software we’ve tried because of the consistency in their customer service beyond an initial ‘woo-ing period’. They’re responsive to all levels of our team and have proven that they are committed to innovating their product based on our needs."

Brian Zamzow

District Manager

Prospr has empowered hourly associates within the store to feel like they are making a difference to improve store conditions. It has also helped keep things from ‘falling through the cracks.’"

Allie Parker

Store Manager

The challenge to reach the frontline

Elevating chatter into action, Harps uses Joint Missions and Tickets to encourage accountability and excellence with daily engagement at the store level. With Prospr, they've introduced real-time chat, announcements, and practical tools that empower team members to share insights — making communication and collaboration between store teams, District, and HQ leadership more effective and friendly.

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