Prospr for Franchise Operations

Prospr for Franchise Operations

Sweat 440 relies on Prospr for effective and intentional franchise communication as it expands its store count.


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Franchise Stores

The challenge of consistency across a franchise company

The biggest hurdle that franchising companies face is scaling consistently when ownership is spread across partners with varying degrees of operational expertise. Sweat440 levels the playing field with Prospr, ensuring all units have the same tools to meet brand standards, training is uniform, and all employees, whether at corporate stores or franchised locations, have access to the same information.

Sweat 440 has built a Parent-Child flow for information from HQ to franchisee to franchise employee, creating a digitized foundation for opening new stores. Streamlined communication through Prospr has allowed HQ to instantly support all their franchise partners and ensured that franchisees can deliver the right message to their employees reliably.

As the community has expanded and new ventures have taken off, the most successful franchisees are those who actively engage with Prospr.

Prospr at work, for Sweat 440

What they're using

What we've replaced

WhenIWork, Google Drive, Email, WhatsApp

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I LOVE the bulletin feature! I get to share brand updates in a fun way, communicate to multiple teams and most importantly it's not another email."

Christina W.

Director of Training & Development

The Franchisees that are most successful seem to engage with the [Prospr] platform the most."

Cody P

Chief Executive Officer

Prospr allows our franchisees to be connected in a more fluid way than they were able to be before!”

Christina W.

Director of Training & Development

As a franchisee, Prospr offers convenience so we can use a single platform both to receive information from HQ and distribute information efficiently to my stores. We rely heavily on chat to stay connected in real-time."

Carolyn K.

Manager, New Jersey

Change doesn't pick sides.

It transforms them both.


  • Resources streamline the process of opening new units, making it a rinse-and-repeat experience that ensures consistency and efficiency.
  • Bulletins offer a fun and efficient way to facilitate top-down communication across the brand, without breaching the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD).
  • Prospr's complete suite consolidates WhenIWork, WhatsApp, Google Drive, and Email to simplify onboarding and communication.


  • New franchisees adopt Prospr and gain access to community and support as part of their launch playbook.
  • The ability to pull down Bulletins and Resources from the Franchisor simplifies the distribution of updates, granting peace of mind that their team got the right message.
  • The Scheduling Master View provides a critical snapshot of potential scheduling risks.

Must-haves for Franchise Operations

  • Linked workspaces enable franchisors to establish a direct flow of information from headquarters to franchises, without violating the FDD.
  • Stop guessing which tools franchisees use to provide a flawless guest experience. Consolidation and consistency of operational tools ensures all units succeed the same way.
  • A 'digital HQ' that scales with you as you open new doors.
  • Support less-experienced franchisees at store-level with features built to ease the burden of managing multi-unit and frontline employees.

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