Prospr Does Field Services

Prospr Does Field Services

Effortless mobile operations: 1-800-GOT-JUNK? harnesses Prospr to connect field and HQ teams in real-time.

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The challenge to
streamline chaos

The task was huge – integrate employee shift scheduling, time & attendance tracking (hello, California overtime complexities), frontline communication, and a training resources library into a single, user-friendly platform that truck team members could master.

Prospr has transformed the daily operational landscape, eliminating the need to shuffle between When I Work, Slack, Google Voice, and Culture Up by introducing an all-encompassing tool tailored for 1-800-GOT-JUNK.. This innovation has revolutionized how information is shared and accessed across their widespread, on-the-go team.

Prospr at work for 1-800-GOT-JUNK?

What they're using

What we've replaced

WhenIWork, Slack, Google Voice, CultureUp

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There has been way more engagement with our employees as we use the Bulletin Board everyday posting. We also do employee "Spotlight of the Week" which allows the entire time to be a part of positive culture we strive to grow & maintain.

Jeannette Reiff, VP of Administration

1-800-GOTJUNK San Francisco

Prospr brings meaningful change

  • Bulletins have increased team engagement through daily, weekly, and monthly metrics and employee spotlights.
  • Prospr made California Time & Attendance compliance a breeze. Employees confirm meal and rest breaks, and overtime is tracked accurately. Multiple pay rates? No problem, Prospr has it covered.
  • Key documents are neatly stored under Resources to ensure round-the-clock accessibility, maintaining compliance with California employee rights and OSHA.

Must-haves for Field Service Operations

  • Tickets enable field teams to observe and instantly report maintenance issues.
  • Coordination for team member Availability and Time-Off.
  • Real-time chat, announcements, and HQ to frontline communication.
  • Bulletins keep culture alive when everyone is literally moving different directions.

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