Beauty & Wellness at Perspire

Beauty & Wellness at Perspire

Perspire Sauna Studio owners confidently embark on a journey toward multi-state expansion, powered by Prospr


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The challenge of being in 2, no 6 places at the same time

The Atlanta-based Perspire Sauna Studio team embraced a new challenge this year: expanding beyond their roots to operate two new locations a state and time-zone away.

With Prospr already up-and-running in their three Atlanta locations, Prospr enabled them to get off on the right foot with a brand new team, set clear expectations, expand their company culture and offer a dedicated place for communication—even from miles apart. Now, regardless of location or proximity, ownership can track maintenance, productivity & happenings and reach the team in one convenient hub.

Prospr at work, for Perspire

What they're using

What we've replaced

Slack, Homebase, Google Sheets, Documents & Handbooks

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From day one, the team has loved it, and adapted to it very quickly. I no longer get texts on my personal phone because everything is through Prospr! We see it as a shield from work life and personal life.”

Jeramy Butler

Director of Studio Operations

I can easily access a clear overview of my schedule as it also shows up in my personal calendar. Resources is especially great for me as I work multiple studios where there are small nuances in policies. The Bulletins are super cool and easy to reference as needed.”

Venita B

Sales Associate

Prospr has been VITAL in the transition opening operating 2 new locations in a completely different state!"

Jeramy Butler

Director of Studio Operations

Prospr brings meaningful change

  • Scheduling is saving hours per week, and integrated time off eliminates the guesswork in creating and managing shifts.
  • Their organized, easy-to-use Resource Library empowers the entire team to operate more independently.
  • Studios stay sparkling with scheduled, recurring checklists powered by Joint Missions.
  • Teams take more accountability for their schedule with ability to submit and change availability, time-off, shift-swaps and shift confirmations.

Must-haves for Beauty & Wellness

  • Employee documents track employee certifications and their expiration dates with ease.
  • Tickets enable all team members to report facilities issues, incident reports and inventory needs in a way HQ can easily manage.
  • Beauty & wellness professionals require schedule flexibility. Make shift swaps, last minute changes, and shift-fills a breeze.
  • Great guest experiences rely on well informed and engaged teams. Bulletins, chat, resources and more make getting pertinent information to the team a breeze.
  • Service protocols and product knowledge are made readily available to team members on their mobile phone.

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