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Elevating Frontline Teams with Joint Missions
Eric Phelan
Co-Founder & CTO
Feb. 3rd, 2024
4 min read

The Challenge:

In industries like retail and hospitality, frontline teams often face significant challenges with task management and effective collaboration. Traditional tools are not sufficient to handle the dynamic nature of their work, leading to productivity issues and communication gaps.

The Solution: "Joint Missions" by Prospr

Designed specifically for the unique demands of frontline operations, Joint Missions by Prospr enhances task management and team communication, making it an indispensable tool in these sectors.

Key Features of Joint Missions:

  • Detailed Task Structuring: Missions are composed of objectives with possible sub-tasks, each including descriptions, priorities, and file attachments.
  • Flexible Scheduling: Missions can be scheduled to recur or be set as one-off events, with specific start and end times or durations.
  • Comprehensive Assignments: Tasks can be assigned to individuals, multiple people, teams, or specific locations, with shift-specific accessibility.
  • Real-Time Dashboard: Active missions are displayed on user dashboards, highlighting the most urgent tasks with options for progress updates and issue reporting.
  • Advanced Reporting: Detailed reports show task completion, participant details, and time management.

Joint Missions in Action

Let's dive into the scenarios where Prospr can really shine, making day-to-day operations smoother and more effective. I’ll include details like how the missions are planned, what specific features are handy, how often these missions are set up, and for a bit of a twist, how the mission captain feature can temporarily promote a team member to a manager role for a particular mission.

Retail Scenario: Making Monthly Stock-Taking a Breeze with Prospr

Planning the Mission: Imagine a busy retail store gearing up for its monthly stock-taking. The manager gets ahead of the game by planning a week in advance. They lay out clear goals like counting items, checking their condition, and updating inventory records.

How Prospr Helps: Using Prospr, the manager creates detailed tasks for different sections of the store — from apparel to electronics. Assigning tasks is a breeze with Prospr’s task assignment feature, ensuring that each section is handled by employees who are most familiar with those products. The real-time monitoring feature is a real game changer, allowing the manager to see progress as it happens and nip any issues in the bud.

Setting Up Regular Missions: This stock-taking mission pops up monthly. Prospr sends out reminders a few days ahead, so everyone knows what’s coming and can prepare accordingly.

Boosting Morale with the Mission Captain Feature: This time, the manager decides to boost morale by using the mission captain feature. They choose a standout team member to lead the stock-taking in the apparel section. This not only motivates the team but also helps the chosen captain develop leadership skills, all while making the process smoother so the manager can focus on the bigger picture.

Sauna Scenario: Ensuring Daily Excellence with Prospr

Planning the Mission: Running a sauna means keeping things pristine and ready each day. The manager uses Prospr to set up daily tasks for heating the saunas, prepping relaxation areas, and checking on supplies like towels and personal care products.

How Prospr Helps: Prospr makes it simple to organize morning tasks and ensure nothing is missed thanks to the task checklist feature. Post-closing, the cleaning crew kicks into gear with their own set of tasks for a thorough clean-up. The feedback feature is invaluable, letting staff flag any maintenance issues or shortages directly to the manager for quick resolution.

Setting Up Regular Missions: These tasks are on the daily docket, establishing a solid routine that guarantees top-notch service quality every day.

Leveraging the Mission Captain Feature: For special occasions or when onboarding new staff, the mission captain feature comes into play. An experienced team member steps up as the mission captain, leading the setup or clean-up and serving as the go-to person for the manager, ensuring everything meets the sauna’s high standards.

In both examples, Prospr transforms routine tasks into well-oiled operations, allowing managers not just to maintain control but also to empower their teams through strategic role assignments and real-time updates.

Enhanced Operational Efficiency:

Joint Missions revolutionizes task execution with increased transparency and accountability, leading to enhanced team cohesion, reduced errors, and improved operational efficiency.

Discover how Joint Missions can transform your team's productivity by visiting Prospr's Joint Missions page.

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