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Zano Salon Systems is a one of the most trusted salon groups in Chicago. With 4 full-service salons, 100+ employees and a stellar reputation to protect, Zano relies on Prospr to engage, inform and inspire their team from day 1.


Zano onboards, increases retention and builds their culture on Prospr.



When people feel like a company has good communication and they care and they invest in the company in return.


With Prospr, our team engages because there is a fluid transit of things from the operational level all the way to corporate and then vice versa.

Zano Salon Systems Loves These Features

Culture-obsessed, Zano relies on Prospr to save time on scheduling, engage their team, instill their culture and onboard new hires for success.

Resource Library
Upload your SOP’s, manuals, and policies into one easy-to-search location. Know that the information you share with your team is available anytime at the click of a button.
Employee Scheduling
Ensure team members pick up or swap only the right class opportunities and make scheduling across locations a breeze.
Bring your teams into the fold and into off the the right start day 1. Prospr customers see 20% higher team retention!
Socially Enabled Bulletin Boards
Connect your frontline to HQ with bulletins boards that keep your entire organization on the same page with replies, read receipts and reactions.

  “I would not want to operate without Prospr. Now that we’ve had it, we’re keeping it. I can’t even imagine what we would do without it.”