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Heyday is a rapidly growing skincare franchise with locations in New York, Philadelphia and Los Angeles. Prospr is proud to be a crucial part of their day-to-day operations and management suite.


Prospr enables Heyday to create and standardize a range of business operations tools and processes. Find out how Heyday opens each location faster than the last!

Michael Pollak, Chief Experience Officer

“I would recommend Prospr to anyone in retail. Prospr is for you.”

Tools for Franchisors

As Heyday grows, so does their need for a standardized opening process. Prospr’s centralized suite of tools includes:

  • Searchable and interactive Resource Library
  • Schedules built from templates or CSV uploads
  • Industry leading customer support team
  • Location based billing

Team Management Made Easy

Heyday employs a variety of team members, managers, front-of-house and estheticians that all work varying hours, and in a number of locations. Prospr helps Heyday centralize their team communication with:

  • Location and User Based Team Directory
  • Group chat between Locations
  • Multi-location automated scheduling 
  • Employee managed shift-pickups and shift-pools.


Heyday Loves These Features

Every growing franchise based business needs a suite of tools they can rely on. Here’s what Heyday uses on a daily basis with Prospr.

Resource Library
Upload your SOP’s, manuals, and policies into one easy-to-search location. Know that the information you share with your team is available anytime at the click of a button.
Location Based Chat
Prospr helps you manage location based chat by automatically adding users to group chats based on their locations or team settings.
Facilities & Ticketing
Allow your team to quickly describe, assign and complete tickets with Prospr so that critical repairs and issues are always addressed.
Socially Enabled Bulletin Boards
Connect your frontline to HQ with bulletin boards that allow you to post image or video based posts with replies and reactions from your entire team.

“I can’t imagine if we were not using Prospr. We would just be texting and it would get messy very quick. It makes my life a lot easier.”