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Founded in 2007, Club Pilates is the largest pilates brand in the USA. Prospr helps Club Pilates’ franchises achieve success as owners look for tools to help them manage their multi-location businesses.


Club Pilates franchisees use Prospr to help them take existing franchise policies and scale them across multiple locations. Prospr takes an amazing system and makes it even better.




“To anybody thinking about Prospr, I want to say that I am confident that this will make your management a lot more effective and convenient. It’s made everybody’s lives a lot easier.”

Multi-location made easy

Prospr helps multiple Club Pilates locations across Georgia, the Carolina’s and the Midwest. Tools that help Club Pilates manage their business across multiple locations include:

  • Multi-location scheduling
  • Payroll forecasting across multiple locations
  • Error check schedules across multiple locations
  • No-show tracking for employees
  • Shift and text reminders for employees

Franchisees love Prospr

Prospr helps Club Pilates Franchisees by providing tools that can work independently or part of a larger system. Tools and features such as:

  • Searchable and interactive Resource Library
  • Schedules built from templates or CSV uploads
  • Industry leading customer support team
  • Location based billing

Club Pilates Loves These Features

Every growing franchise based business needs a suite of tools they can rely on. Here’s what Club Pilates is using on a daily basis.

Resource Library
Upload your SOP’s, manuals, and policies into one easy-to-search location. Know that the information you share with your team is available anytime at the click of a button.
Class Scheduling
Ensure team members pick up or swap only the right class opportunities and make class scheduling a breeze.
Availability Management
Allow your employees to assign their own availability and let our automated scheduling tools assign their shifts based on preferences.
Socially Enabled Bulletin Boards
Connect your frontline to HQ with bulletin boards that allow you to post image or video based posts with replies and reactions from your entire team.

“While using Prospr, we were actually able to effectively bring on three additional locations in another state in completely new region and bring them into our culture because we had Prospr”