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Cain Management relies on over 1,000 employees to ensure that morning commuters get their caffeine jolt and breakfast before heading to work so they’re fed and fueled throughout the day, and they do it with Prospr.


Cain relies on Prospr to manage their day-to-day communication needs with full-scale communication and bulletin tools.


“Prospr gives me the opportunity to deal directly with my crew members, one-on-one or all at the same time in the click of a button.”

How Cain uses Prospr

Cain Management and their 75+ Dunkin’ stores save hundreds of hours communicating essential and time-sensitive information directly to and from HQ such as:

  • Secure all team, all location chat
  • New specials and seasonal offers
  • Compliance with dress codes and storefront procedures
  • Centralizing key resources like the employee handbook

Cain Loves These Features

Franchisees need to manage multiple moving parts, from product ordering and inventory to employee scheduling and customer service. Cain uses these tools to trade chaos for success.

Location Based Chat
Prospr helps you manage location based chat by automatically adding users to group chats based on their locations or team settings.
Facilities & Ticketing
Allow your team to quickly describe, assign and complete tickets with Prospr so that critical repairs and issues are always addressed.
Socially Enabled Bulletin Boards
Connect your frontline to HQ with bulletin boards that allow you to post image or video based posts with replies and reactions from your entire team.
Open/Close Checklists
Automate your team’s day! Assign tasks based on shift or role type, so that you can rest easy knowing what your store looks like everyday.

“I fought for prosper because I saw the value in it. It’s paid for itself. The productivity of the staff and the streamlining of the communication means that we just run the business so much better now than we have before.”

Cain Management